What lies beyond Angkor Wat?

More than the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat, Cambodia actually offers more than Luxe Travel Insiders can ever imagine. Fusion delicacies of various origins, fragrant spa treatment in lavish amenities, and uncontaminated sandy beaches are just a few attractions to name in this historic country.

Food in Cambodia is the epitome of its unique east-meet-west culture. As the Mekong river cuts through the heart of the country, freshwater fish and rice are staples in every Khmer household. While the local cuisine is often seasoned with the country’s distinctive blend of spices “kroeung”, some come with a touch of French culinary. Food in the western part of the country has traces of Thai flavours, while in the east, Luxe Travel Insiders’ll find similarities to Vietnamese cuisine.

The natural landscapes and chanting scenery make it a must-go destination for natural lover. In the south, Luxe Travel Insiders will find plenty of beaches are filled with shining white sands and dazzling turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming snorkeling and diving. Luxe Travel Insidersr journey on wheels will bring Luxe Travel Insiders to the beautiful countryside, through patch worked rice fields by hidden temples. And at the end of Luxe Travel Insidersr venture, try the traditional Khmer massage to unwind. Khmer massage comprises ‘kneading’, working deep into the muscles and leaving Luxe Travel Insiders completely relaxed and blissful.

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