Top 7 Unique & Tasteful Travel Experiences of South Africa (I)


 Date : Feb 14, 2019



South Africa is a diversified country combines untouched nature and modern life. Discover the ever-changing scenery and extraordinary wildlife; unveil top 7 unique and tasteful travel experiences.

  1. Botanical and Marine Safari

南非, Safari, Sabi Sand,  Kruger National Park,Grootbos,開普敦, 法蘭史霍克

南非, Safari, Sabi Sand,  Kruger National Park,Grootbos,開普敦, 法蘭史霍克

While animal safari is common, have you thought of visiting South Africa for botanical and marine safari?


Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is a jewel in Cape Town. Situated in the prime area of a 2,500-hectre reserved area, it is the home to over 800 plants of which 100 species are endangered. From May to August, flowers are blooming across the hotel’s surrounding fynbos vegetation. You can take a 4x4 botanical safari and be amazed by the pristine wilderness. Nearby Walker Bay is an ideal location for marine safari as it inhabits the Marine Five—Whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins.

>Discover Grootbos Private Nature Reserve


2. Discovery of New World Wine

南非, Safari, Sabi Sand,  Kruger National Park,Grootbos,開普敦, 法蘭史霍克

South Africa is deeply influenced by European culture, its winemaking history dates back a few hundred years ago. The Mediterranean climate and soil made it a famed wine growing region. Cape Town is one of the major wine-growing regions especially the Boland Mountains, such as Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Join our wine tour to discover the award-winning vineyard and wineries in the Region.


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3. Best of The Best Diamond

Cullinan, the largest diamond ever found, was discovered at the Premier Mine in Pretoria. Luxe Travel insiders  can shop for fine diamonds from jewelers in South Africa. Speaking of diamonds, how we  can miss Shimansky? The Shimansky Millennium diamond ring is the most sought-after engagement ring in South Africa. Adored by South Africans for its elegance, and by international visitors for its unique design, it has become an icon in the South African jewellery world.

Luxe Travel can assist travellers in gaining exclusive offer and access to shimansky's private lounge to preview the most stunning diamonds in the world! Or join our private tour to get know more about diamond and its history.


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