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 Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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Aman is coming to town......
Aman Tokyo, opening early 2015, is the first city property of Aman resorts. Occupying the top six floors of the recently-built Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo is an urban sanctuary high above the atmospheric whirl of tradition and modernity that epitomises Tokyo.
Recognised as one of the world’s Global Cities alongside New York and London, Tokyo is an exciting, vibrant destination. History, commerce and culture fuse in this mega-metropolis that is truly cosmopolitan, yet intrinsically Japanese, offering fascinating juxtapositions at every turn. Gleaming skyscrapers reach for the heavens beside 19th-century palaces; humming intersections exist alongside quaint lanes, lined with convivial yakitori-ya, ramen shops and shochu bars; state-of-the-art shopping centres selling the world’s most exclusive labels overlook beautiful parks, pink with cherry blossoms in spring.
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