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 Friday, September 15, 2017

Finnair New Flight to Havana (flight ∙ hotel ∙ package ∙ cruise ∙ private tour ∙ business ∙ M.I.C.E ∙ Luxe Travel ∙ Luxury travel  ∙ Luxury holiday  ∙ Luxe Tour  ∙ 特色尊貴包團 ∙  商務旅遊 ∙  自由行套票 ∙滑雪  ∙ 溫泉 ∙ 品味假期 ∙ 品味遊)

Beautiful colonial mansions, charming people, salsa and cigars…discover Cuba with Finnair new route to Havana!
From 1st December 2017 to 23rd March 2018, Finnair will fly 2 weekly scheduled flights to Havana, Monday and Friday.  The new route means a smooth and fast connection from Hong Kong to Havana with less than 2 hours transit time via Helsinki.
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