How to have a one-of-a-kind experience in Antarctica?

There is no place on Earth like Antarctica. Where else can Luxe Travel Insiders see huge icebergs and sculptural bergs floating in pools of turquoise blue meltwater, set against the backdrop of 9,000 feet high mountains that seem to zoom up straight from the sea as Luxe Travel Insiders cruise through the solemn majesty of the Lemaire Channel? Not to mention the amazing Antarctic wildlife of penguins, seabirds and seals.

A state-of-art, exceptionally comfortable, fully stabilised ice-class vessel will carry each expedition’s team of 100 people into the polar waters. To ensure that Luxe Travel Insiders get the best experience, the vessel is equipped with a remote-controlled crow’s nest camera with real-time footage broadcast on video screens within each cabin, and a video microscope to view Antarctica’s invisible facets, and a hydrophone to listen in on whales. Besides appreciating the stunning sceneries on the deck and looking at the undersea from the glass bottom section, there are also exciting offshore activities to partake in, such as landing in remote locations or snorkelling and kayaking on icy waters to have up-close personal discoveries.

Included in Luxe Travel Insidersr expedition journey is a team of documentary experts, which include a National Geographic photographer, a certified photo instructor, a video chronicler, and an undersea specialist. They will capture the most memorable expedition moments and produce some incredible photos and the voyage chronicle for Luxe Travel Insiders to bring back home.

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