How to hunt aurora borealis in a comfortable way?

We all know that aurora borealis make the best natural scenery in Finland. Not many, however, know that Luxe Travel Insiders don’t have to suffer from the freezing weather to catch a precious glimpse of these dancing angels of lights.

The most straightforward way for Luxe Travel Insiders to view aurora borealis is to stay exactly where you can see the winter wonders. There is a wide range of mid-range to luxury accommodation for Luxe Travel Insiders to choose from. Or simply take a snowmobile drawn sleigh or Olokolo ride to the North. By joining snowmobile trips Luxe Travel offers, Luxe Travel Insiders will have even have time to roam around the campsite and fry sausages by the open fire. Luxe Travel Insiders can just lie in the warm cabin of Olokolo, gaze at the sky, and appreciate the wonderful light show Mother Nature put on against the backdrop of the star-studded sky while the snowmobile glides its way on ice.

During your ride to hunt aurora borealis, with a bit of luck, Luxe Travel Insiders may even see wild animals such as Sea Eagles and Elks. An even more comfortable and luxurious alternative is to reside at a glass-top cottage or igloo, so that Luxe Travel Insiders doze off warm, safe and sound on bed with Luxe Travel Insidersr loved one.

There are, in fact, more than aurora hunting in Finland. Luxe Travel Insiders can try to conquer the wild by joining a frozen sea adventure, in which Luxe Travel Insiders take a snowmobile safari to an Icebreaker ship in the middle of the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. Reaching the spectacular vessel, Luxe Travel Insiders will leave your snowmobile on the ice, climb aboard the Icebreaker, to enjoy the full cruise with 3-course meal on board, tour of the vessel and swimming in survival suits. Luxe Travel Insiders will even have chance to control a team of Huskies yourself to explore a piece of untouched wintry woods for snow safari.


The Seaside Glass Villas - Kemi, Finland

The Seaside Glass Villas - Kemi, Finland

Kakslauttaen Arctic Resort  - Finland, Lapland

Kakslauttaen Arctic Resort - Finland, Lapland

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