Journey To A Stress-free Sanctuary - New Amanpuri Wellness Programs

 Date : April 17, 2019



Aman, Amanpuri, wellness, wellness retreat, stress-free, immersion programs, resort wellness

Aman, Amanpuri, wellness, wellness retreat, stress-free, immersion programs, resort wellness 

Amanpuri, the flagship of Aman resorts, has newly introduced a series of wellness immersion program offering a sanctuary for personalised well-being.

Follow wellness and medical experts from Amanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre to embark on a journey of self-discovery and true well-being with personalised, results-orientated immersions.  Enjoy a holiday to refresh your mind and purify your body. As a beginner of Wellness, you may wish to learn more about your wellness needs. The thoughtful introductory programmes will take you through everything from immersion concept to boosting wellbeing.


Three or five-night original or intensive immersion programmes will take Luxe Travel Insiders’ wellness experience in Amanpuri to a whole new level. Upon arrival, Luxe Travel Insiders will consult  a professional doctor, as well as conducting various advanced medical tests such as blood composition analysis aiming to manage weight, detox & cleanse, as well as managing mind and stress for a three-night program. 


A more comprehensive immersive wellness program for five nights, including different therapies, private exercise sessions, professional care and spa treatments, aiming to manage weight, detox & cleanse, managing mind and stress, as well as recovery from sport injury.

Wish to embark on your stress-free wellness journey? Contact our Luxe Travel Specialists for more information now!



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