What you didn't know about south african wildlife - lion


 Date : Sept18, 2019


Want to track the footprints of wild animals? You don't have to be an expert but with an experienced tracker and ranger the game experience will never be the same. It is always good to gear up with some knowledge of african wildlife before your game.

1. King of the Jungle - Lion. 
Do male lions all have mane? 

Known as the king of the jungle, lion is the largest of the Felidae family in Africa. Lions are not only powerful, but sprints in a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. There is a ‘lion king’ in each group who become the leader to protect lioness and cubs. If other lions defeat the king, a new dynasty awaits. Group hunting does not mean good team spirit: When a lion successfully hunts, others will plunder his game. Not everyone is getting enough!


However, such a hegemonic king also has a tender side. When courting, the lion will roar to declare sovereignty, the lioness has to agree to mate, and will be accompanied by the lion.

The male lion is usually larger and has thick mane, and vice versa for females. In fact, this is not absolute. The Chawo Lions in Kenya and Tanzania have no mane regardless of their gender!

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